About Us

Build-to-rent pioneers. Build-to-rent leaders.

BB Living has guided multiple build-to-rent projects from vacant land to profitable, stabilized assets, building a portfolio of over 500 units (including sold assets) and earning national recognition as a pioneer in this emerging asset class. Combining the managerial advantages of traditional multifamily development with exit optionality and low tenant turnover, build-to-rent allows real estate investors to nimbly react to changes in the rental, sales, and interest rate environments.

The principals of BB Living collectively have decades of real estate experience and have overseen real estate and real estate finance transactions totaling several billion dollars. In Arizona, the firm has assembled a top-notch team to construct, lease, and manage the firm’s assets. This vertical integration sets the firm apart and allows us to consistently deliver best-in-class properties that achieve market-beating returns.

As a rental operator, BB Living is well-positioned to take advantage of a soft single-family land market. By acquiring horizontally-improved lots below replacement cost, we dramatically reduce construction timelines while building a competitive moat against future developers, who will be unable to compete on rent due to a higher basis.