Build-to-rent pioneers. Build-to-rent leaders.

Higley ParkIn 2011, the principals of BB Living began purchasing residential foreclosures in the Phoenix area. The business plan was to acquire single-family assets below replacement cost, and generate rental revenue while waiting for the housing market to recover. In early 2012, the principals of BB Living formed a homebuilding company and started constructing communities of single-family homes for rent, offering best-in-class brand new product to an underserved class of renter – those seeking the space, privacy, and convenience of a single-family home. By building single-family homes in scale, BB Living is able to efficiently manage the portfolio similar to a traditional multifamily community, while maintaining the flexibility of selling houses individually.

As a pioneer of the “build-to-rent” model, BB Living has guided multiple projects from vacant land to profitable, stabilized assets, amassing a portfolio of over 1,000 homes that have been built or are in the process of building and earning national recognition as a leader in this emerging asset class. BB Living has assembled a top-notch team to construct, lease, and manage the firm’s assets. This vertical integration sets the firm apart and allows us to consistently deliver best-in-class properties that achieve market-beating returns.

Combining the managerial advantages of traditional multifamily ownership with the exit optionality that individually platted homes allow. Build-to-rent provides real estate investors the opportunity to nimbly react to changes in the rental, sales, and interest rate environments.